Recruitment Services for Business and Operational Excellence
Welcome to Kennardsmith Associates, an executive search consultancy
dedicated to ensuring that our clients hire the best talent in the market place.
With global competition becoming ever fiercer and initiatives becoming more and more prevalent,
the successful implementation of business improvement strategies can make huge impacts on the
bottom line - in some instances 'success or failure' might not be too strong a term.
We understand how busy our clients are and how difficult it is to find the right person. Over the
years we have built an extensive database of candidates, specialists in a multitude of sectors, all
of which have been screened by qualified consultants, ensuring that only the highest quality
candidates are introduced to our clients.
Kennardsmith Associates recruit exclusively in the area of business and operational excellence
and work with mid to senior executives for permanent and contract positions. Our consultants are
qualified and held in high regard by our clients as subject matter experts.
We are ambitious and despite already having an outstanding network, we are eager to know more
- if you are a player in this and its associated disciplines (Six-Sigma, Lean, TQM etc.) or are
destined to be a star of the future, regardless of sector, you need to be in contact with us!
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